Five Little Things That Go Into The Making Of A Legendary Overland Journey

30-10-2017 02:00 PM

An overland expedition, especially an authentic one that lasts more than a few weeks across a diverse terrain, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most of us. That makes planning and preparation essential.

While our website details the list of essentials, we thought we will also list down a list of fun things that will add more colour and flavour to your overland journey. If you are going as part of a travel group, chances are that the organizers would have thought of some of the things on this list, like this vehicle  that reminds you of all that you want in your spouse

So, consider this a list of #thelittlethings to bear in mind when planning an overland expedition or selecting a company to manage one for you -

  1. Yes, the first on this list has to be a really fun, stable, safe, comfortable vehicle. A little plugging here, because clearly we are proud of the one we have.
  2. The right kind of travel mates – Whether your overland expedition turns out to be one that legends are made of or one that may give you some “filtered” Instagram moments but nothing more, largely depends on who is traveling with you. A contrast is always good, if you want diversity in food and experiences. But a little similarity in priorities and travel style goes a long way in ensuring you come out of the journey happier and fuller.
  3. Books, music, stationery or whatever rocks your boat – Take it from highway lovers over at Voyages Overland, sometimes the sight of plain roads for days on end does get to you. The latest roadtrip playlist available offline, a book that will last you for a couple of weeks, a diary if writing is your thing – anything that keeps your mind off boredom should find some place in your travel kit.
  4. A good camera – You will want to relive this lifetime experience many times over and a phone camera may not do justice to all that you are going to see on an overland journey through India. The colours, the terrain, the diversity even in roads – you will want to capture all of it and a camera will be your best friend for at least a few months after the journey has concluded.
  5. At least two weeks completely off work – A good overland expedition is one that gives you time to acclimatize to the vehicle, your travel mates, the weather and more. And trust us, you would not want to attend to calls and mails from work. So do yourself a favour and use your experience with Voyages Overland to do more than the mental gymnastics of work and city life.

If you think this is all manageable, head over to our itineraries and book your overland expedition through India before the slots get full.